Different moods can be created out of doors that will appeal to all of the senses. The use of plants for colour, texture, scent -  for privacy or shade. The placement of statues or interesting objects for focus & the sounds of running water & wind chimes  add to the atmosphere.

We are fortunate in the Cape that almost any style can be achieved with the right planning.

  • Indigenous with stone paths & natural rock pools, using fynbos, fever trees &  aloes.
  • North African with Moroccan mosaic fountains & terraces, roses & jasmine.
  • Eastern calm with bamboo, a hand carved Buddha beside a still pond & lush plantings.                                                  

The possibilities are endless with many books & files for inspiration. Whether  it is a small focal area that needs a new look on a smaller budget or a large garden &  patios where different “rooms” can be created with various styles.

“Garden” showers & bathrooms are also great to bring the garden inside.

For more information e mail Jane Lane at  :    janelanebali@gmail.com

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