Most of the soft furnishings are made to order in Bali  -  soft hand woven cotton mosquito nets, curtains, cloths & cushions.

Hand carved wooden curtain rails in different styles & lengths work well with the curtains & also to hang our range of antique Balinese sarongs on any open wall space -  in a hallway, above a bed or in a passage where a space needs filling.

Wooden items include beautifully carved Buddahs in various sizes, organic teak serving platters, hand carved bowls & vases, offering bowls etc…

On the personal side we have a huge range of jewellery -  designed & made for the shop in sterling silver, brass, pearls, coral, stones, hand carved wood & bone, shell, Javanese & antique beads…… the combinations are endless !

Many designs can be custom made.

Scarves & sarongs are sourced mostly in Java & India & Morocco. Fine silks, wools, cashmere & cotton mixes in gorgeous colors.

Our all natural range of temple incense from Bali is made from pure essential oils & wood pulp & will add fragrance  & keep away the mosquitoes !

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